A message for our community

Posted by on Nov 15, 2016

A message for our community

Dear Montavilla Food Co-op Member-Owners, Volunteers, and Community,

We know many of you are reeling from the election this year. Whether you are celebrating a victory or mourning a loss, many of us are shocked at the deep divisions in our country highlighted by the election results and aftermath. The Montavilla Food Co-op is not a political organization, and does not take a stance on political candidates. We welcome and value member-owners from all political persuasions, celebrate bipartisan cooperation, and do not want to alienate anyone based on politics.

That said, we feel it’s important that we remind ourselves that MFC adheres to the Seven Cooperative Principles, which can help guide us during this divided time. Here are a few we find particularly inspiring right now:

  • The 1st Principle of Cooperatives is Voluntary and Open Membership, meaning we will always emphasize inclusion and reject any discrimination based on race, nation of origin, immigration status, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, economic status, or religion. This is not just statement, it’s a founding principle of our organization.

So while the country divides itself into factions, we open our doors to everyone.

  • The 3rd Principle of Cooperatives is Member Economic Participation, meaning any wealth generated through the co-op goes back to member-owners.

So while our national economy concentrates wealth at the top, we will build wealth for the community.

  • The 7th Principle of Cooperatives is Concern for Community, meaning we will always put our neighbors, member-owners, farmers and farm-workers, and the environment over profits or power.

So while others may turn their backs, we will always fight for the rights and prosperity of all.

We say this now to remind us all that, no matter how you feel after the election, your co-op is an inclusive, supportive, egalitarian organization that will fight for community prosperity. As we look around and see others succumb to the diseases of hate or cynicism, know that the co-op is the part of the cure.

This is a noble fight, and we are honored to work with all of you. We leave you with these words from Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Montavilla Food Cooperative Board of Directors
Amanda Lamb, President
Amy Reaney, Vice President
Ellen Rubinstein, Secretary
Katherine Pedery, Treasurer

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