Member Spotlight – Amanda Moomaw

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015

Member Spotlight – Amanda Moomaw


Meet Member-Owners Amanda & Nathan Moomaw of Moomaw Family Farm!

Utilizing a very deliberate and ecologically minded approach to agriculture, Amanda & Nathan are raising breeds of animals that have been carefully selected for their foraging instincts and excellent meat qualities.  Lush pasture dotted with native trees provides a naturally delicious and healthy diet, as well as an ideal environment in which the animals freely range.  Raising livestock on pasture has significant benefits for the health and well-being of the animals, and in turn for our health, and the health of the environment; fortunately, these practices also produce outstanding meat!

Amanda served on the first board of directors for the Montavilla Food Co-op as the board president.


Why did you join the co-op?

I joined the co-op for many reasons. I wanted to increase access to healthy food in a part of the city that was in need of increased options. I wanted to be part of owning something in my community that would give back and support and grow the local economy. I wanted to help create an outlet for farmers to sell their products and for everyone to feel welcome. I also joined the co-op so that I could run for and be on the board of directors. I wanted to help set the foundation for the work that is being done today to open our co-op.


How would a new food co-op in Portland benefit the community?

A new food co-op in Portland will create a hub in Montavilla for the community to gather, to shop, to eat and to learn. It will provide an opportunity for farmers to bring their products to market while also connecting shoppers to their food. A new co-op will increase access to healthy food while strengthening our economy and everyone will win.


How do you think the co-op can set itself apart from the highly competitive grocery business in Portland?

The co-op is going to have to look at the demographics of its’ members and those of the surrounding community and create a space that is inviting and welcoming to all. It will need to embrace diversity and offer quality products and services that people want and can afford.

Would you be interested in selling your farm’s products to the co-op when it opens? What products would you sell to the co-op?

Our farm is a CSA and right now we only raise enough meat for our members. As our farm continues to grow, and we expand and raise more animals, we may someday be able to offer pastured chicken, pork, lamb and rabbit to the Co-op.

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