Deck Family Farm teams up with MFC; offers new member incentive

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015

Deck Family Farm teams up with MFC; offers new member incentive


Deck Family Farm is offering an incentive program to new Montavilla Co-op members.  For those who join the co-op at a co-op event or fundraiser, they will receive a voucher that they can redeem at the Deck Family Farm table at the Montavilla Farmers Market.   The Deck Family Farm also sells at the Hollywood Farmers Market and the PSU Farmers Market–which are both open year round.  Currently, the voucher entitles new co-op members to a 1/2 pound of natural uncured bacon, but in the future that may change based on inventory.  For instance, during the spring laying season, it could be a dozen eggs.

The Montavilla Food Co-op thanks the Deck Family Farm for generously donating the 12 pounds of pork used in making the chili that was served at the Fall Gathering.

The Deck Family Farm in Junction City, Oregon is a 320 acre organic livestock farm that offers Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture-Raised Pork, Pastured Chickens, Egg-Layers, Turkeys, and Spring Lamb.

In addition to farmers markets, they also sell their products in select grocery stores and food cooperatives, through an online store, and directly in the case of Sides, Side-CSAs, and Individual Cuts.

Owners Christine and John Deck are deeply committed to raising animals in the most ethical and humane way possible.  Accountability is the name of the game.  As Christine puts it:  “… people can come any day to our farm but Sunday, and just see what we’re doing at any time.  There’s nothing hidden – you don’t have to have a camera in your hat to visit our farm and know what’s going on.”

Their practices result in incredible-tasting, healthy meat completely free of hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, and nitrites.

So what does pasture-raised actually mean?

In talking about their pigs that are finished on hazelnuts, Christine shares some insights: “Pigs are extremely happy on pasture.  They love to root.  They love to eat bugs and root mass.  We use [the pigs] to our advantage to till…the fields.  They’ll have a great time tilling everything up, eating what they want, flavoring their meat in a fantastic way…Then we’ll run the tractor through once, because we don’t have to use a ton of diesel now to till up the fields, and then replant…”

They apply a similar philosophy to raising beef, chickens, lamb, and turkeys. It’s all about ethical treatment of animals, and implementing systems that rejuvenate the land. It’s a model of farming we can feel very good about supporting.

Although their farm is thriving, the Decks haven’t been spared setbacks.  On November 9, 2014, they suffered a catastrophic fire.  Christine explains, “it was our main barn.  It’s where we lambed; it’s where we calved; it’s where the pigs would go in the winter if we needed to get them off pasture.  It was everything.  We have some horses as well that would go in there…”

With many calls and letters of support and donations from the community, a veritable flood of compassion, and a lot of hard work, they are well on the road to recovery.

And that’s very fortunate for us as they offer an exceptionally outstanding product.  And we are truly lucky to have them in our local region.

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