First Annual Meeting and Board Elections

Posted by on Feb 23, 2013

First Annual Meeting and Board Elections

This past Sunday, February 17th, the Montavilla Food Co-op hosted its first annual meeting. The meeting space was graciously provided by PDX Metro Arts ( located at 9003 SE Stark St. This meeting marked the beginning of our Board Elections and played host to a Q & A panel that featured all Board nominees. The four nominees began the panel by discussing their unique backgrounds and passions for a successful Montavilla Food Co-op. The audience then asked questions and spoke with the nominees on a number of topics including the Co-op timeframe and where we’re at on it, and the general benefits of a Co-op in the Montavilla neighborhood, and outreach ideas and potential. As part of an outreach project, those inclined were invited to write down a few words about what the Montavilla Food Co-op means to them and were filmed with their signs, saying a few words for an upcoming campaign to get people excited to join and contribute to our Co-op.

Also discussed was how to keep costs down in order to serve as many in the community as possible while still providing a range of products that are organic and GMO-free. The many opinions expressed regarding the type of items the Co-op should carry while still being accessible to those in lower income brackets made for a lively discussion. There were interested non-members in the audience and they participated in the discussion with the candidates. As a result of the meeting, we have two new Member-Owners! Thank you to all who participated in the meeting and all of the volunteers who staffed it.

If you were unable to attend, fear not! Members who couldn’t make it to the meeting will have their ballots mailed to them.

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