Great Food for a Great Neighborhood

Posted by on Mar 1, 2011

Montavilla is a place where people get together to make things happen. Not surprisingly, the group driving the development of the food co-op is as diverse as the neighborhood itself. Individuals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds have come together to help make Montavilla a better place. In fact, the only voice missing from this undertaking is yours.

Why a co-op for the Montavilla neighborhood?

  • It will make healthy, local organic food available close to home.
  • It will support the local neighborhood economy.
  • It will provide local farmers & dairies with a year-round distribution site for their eggs, cheese, meat, produce, honey and other goods.
  • It will complement, rather than compete with, the Montavilla Farmers’ Market and fill the void when the market is closed for the winter.
  • It will be owned and governed by its members—not some big corporation.
  • It will provide work options to make healthy food affordable to low-income families.
  • It will offer a place for the Montavilla community to gather, share and learn together.
  • It will allow Montavilla residents—like you and me—to have decision-making power about the food available in our neighborhood.

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