Healthier Foods, Greener Communities

Posted by on Feb 16, 2013

By Matthew Darcy, Co-op Member Owner

Co-opAs the Montavilla Food Coop continues to gain steam, what are other ways to help increase the livability of our neighborhoods? One way is to support and volunteer with Friends of Trees. Friends of Trees is a great organization dedicated to planting more and more trees in the Portland-Vancouver and Eugene-Springfield metro areas. Since 1989, more than 450,000 trees have been planted in these metro areas with more to come each and every year. They offer homeowners discounted trees for parking strips and personal yards as well as help with permitting (when necessary), tree planting and how to care for your new trees.

Trees in urban areas provide many environmental benefits: they can “trap” particulate pollutants, absorb CO and CO2 as well as produce oxygen. They can also help reduce our energy bills by providing shade in the summer and wind-protection in the colder months. They can affect our moods by creating feelings of repose as well as adding a sense of privacy and security. They also, of course, help beautify the city.

Friends of Trees’ Montavilla planting is coming up: Saturday, March 2nd. You can order trees or sign up to volunteer at their website. What a great way to meet your neighbors and let them know about the Montavilla Food Coop at the same time! Let them know about the benefits of a food coop in the community and the exciting volunteer opportunities available to make it happen.

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