Job Opportunity!

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Job Opportunity!

***This position has been filled***

Montavilla Food Cooperative
Request for Proposals
Membership Development Coordinator

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Project Summary

The Montavilla Food Cooperative (MFC) is a grassroots, volunteer-led effort to establish a cooperatively owned grocery store in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. MFC is seeking a contractor to coordinate the implementation of its recently adopted strategic plan. Deliverables are in the areas of member-owner development, volunteer recruitment, training & coordination, and enhancing coordination between committees.

MFC History

The mission of MFC is to connect the east Portland community to healthy food, support local farmers and producers, build community wealth and advance sustainability initiatives all within a centrally located, cooperative grocery. MFC was incorporated in June, 2010 and has grown its membership to nearly 400 member-owners.

The organization is led by a Board of Directors, supported by Outreach, Information Technology, Business, Education and Nominations Committees, as well as a Strategic Planning Working Group (SPWG). MFC has an active core of approximately 25 volunteers. MFC has a contracted support relationship with Cooperative Development Services (CDS). We have a strong organizational consensus that, with the right help, we will be able to achieve tremendous membership growth over next 12 to 18 months.

MFC recently adopted a strategic plan, in line with the CDS four cornerstones in three stages model, and intends to complete “Stage 2a-Feasibility” by the end of 2015. The key objectives of the near-term strategic plan are to grow to 500 member-owners, assess feasibility, develop internal readiness and begin early stages of design feasibility.

Deliverables of the Membership Development Coordinator

In coordination with Outreach and the SPWG, the coordinator will develop and implement a member-owner recruitment plan to recruit an average of at least 30 new member owners per month. Strategies will likely include, but are not limited to: micro-campaigns, targeted outreach, events, marketing materials, and media (including social media).

In coordination with Outreach and the SPWG, develop and implement a plan to recruit, train and retain sufficient volunteers to support the member-owner recruitment plan.

Support the Board, the SPWG, and all of the committees in communicating with and supporting each other. This deliverable will likely require attendance at most board and outreach meetings, as well as at least occasional attendance at other committee meetings.

Scope and Timeframe

All activities will begin as soon as possible. The contract ends December 31, 2015. There is a potential for the contract to be extended and/or renewed into 2016.

The nature of the deliverables will require the contractor to have a flexible work schedule, including working weekends and evenings. Contractor will supply all of their own equipment and supplies, office space, and transportation necessary in the performance of the contract.

Budget and Reporting

The contractor will be paid $18 per hour, for up to 50 hours/$900 per month. The contract will not exceed 150 hours/$2700.

The contractor will submit monthly invoices and status reports to the Board president.


Submit proposal to Questions and clarifications may be directed to

To be considered, a proposal must contain applicant’s resume, three professional references, and responses to the questions below. There is no limit on the length of responses, but MFC generally expects 1-2 pages to provide sufficiently detailed information.


  • Why are co-ops important?
  • What experiences do you have that qualify you to plan and implement a member-owner campaign?
  • What experiences do you have that qualify you to recruit, train and retain volunteers?
  • Is there anything that would interfere with your ability to attend meetings and events, including those held evenings and weekends? If so, please explain.
  • What do you think will be MFC’s greatest challenge to adding 30 member-owners per month? How will your skills, experience and/or passions help MFC address this challenge?
  • Are there any questions we haven’t asked, that you wish we had asked? If yes, feel free to answer that question as well.


MFC will interview a select group of respondents.

The position will remain open until filled.

MFC anticipates a contract start date in October, 2015.

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