Join Our Co-op!

Montavilla Food Co-op is member-owned but it will be open to everyone to shop. Member-owners will benefit from the co-op in a variety of ways both financially and through control of the direction of the store. Become a member-owner today and help directly achieve our ultimate goal of opening the storefront. Your equity investment helps fund the initiatives & projects to get to opening day. By becoming a member-owner, you will be making a difference in our neighborhood that will last for years to come.

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When you become a member-owner, you agree to abide by the Montavilla Food Co-op’s Bylaws. Additionally, here is a list of member-owner’s Rights and Responsibilities as outlined in the MFC’s Bylaws. Our board’s organizational policies are available for you to read and consider as a member-owner of the co-op.

Each full share investment in the co-op is $150. This is a one-time investment; a lifetime membership. To make it more afforable, we have created a couple of payment options as well:

  • Partial share investment until fully paid, becoming a full Member Ownership – two $75 payments (6 months apart)
  • Partial share investment until fully paid, becoming a full Member Ownership – six $25 payments (every other month until paid)

Currently, there are 3 ways you can sign up; in person at an event, via mail or online:

  • Complete the online form and pay via credit card or Paypal
  • Find us at one of our upcoming events and become a member owner in person


  • Click here to download a PDF of our brochure.
    • Fill out the form and mail it along with a check to:

Montavilla Food Co-op

4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd., #340

Portland, OR 97214

Please note that this equity investment is at risk.

Any questions? Please feel free to email us at or give us a call at (971) 208-5743.