Why Should I Join?


Your Investment Now Will Ensure We Open Soon
Co-ops are based on the investment of their communities. The co-op needs a base ownership of at least 1,000 members to open the store.

Real, local food 
Co-op shopping is healthy shopping for you and your community. We will buy local and organic whenever possible, and our buying practices will include researching producers to ensure fair labor and sound agricultural practices.

Convenient Access 
Your investment in the co-op will bring access to good food to the center of east Portland. Montavilla is situated in an excellent location that can serve a variety of neighborhoods in east Portland.

Active Democracy
As an owner of the Co-op, you vote on big issues, elect your board members, &/or serve on the board yourself. Through co-op ownership, everyone has one share and each vote is equal among members.

Shared prosperity through cooperation
By investing as a member-owner of the Montavilla Food Co-op, you promote community ownership, strengthen sustainable and just business practices, build on existing local food systems and support investment in building a strong, local economy.

Local Business Incentives
Those who invest can take advantage of local business deals and offers exclusive to Montavilla Food Co-op.

Discounts for Bulk Buying *
Owners receive a 10% discount on pre-ordered bulk items at store, and opportunities to purchase with Montavilla Food Buying Club. Member-owners receive newsletter with coupons, and other special offers throughout the year.

Owner Appreciation Days* 
You will enjoy Owner Appreciation Days throughout the year! Owners will receive 10% off their entire purchase!

Patronage dividends *
Our Co-op’s profits are re-invested in your business and/or shared with owners as dividends.

And the best incentive of all…
You can walk into the place like you own it, because you do!



* possible benefits when the store opens

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