Joining now is the best way to help the Co-op open. By becoming a member-owner, you are saying yes to a community owned food co-op in Montavilla. When you become an owner of the Co-op, you will have the opportunity to help decide what goods and services the Co-op will provide, whether it be through direct input as a board member or throught surveys that the co-op conducts of its’ member-owners.

Our member equity investment is $150. This is not a fee, or a donation; it’s a one-time investment that will directly help to fund the development of the storefront.

Why should I join now? Why not wait until the co-op opens?

Because this is a grassroots, community built organization, we need your investment now to help fund the development of the co-op. The Co-op’s success is based on the willingness of the community to pool resources to provide for everyone.

We understand that life is busy, and we all don’t have a lot of time to do “something big” in the community, but by becoming a member now, you will be making a difference in our neighborhood for years to come.

Take a look at our member-owner map. Each pin marks a family or individual that wants to see this co-op open to serve our neighborhood. Join with your neighbors and friends, we have almost 400 member owners to date!

9.7.13 - current membership