Member Spotlight – Eva Sippl of Eva’s Herbucha

Posted by on Jan 27, 2015

Member Spotlight – Eva Sippl of Eva’s Herbucha

Eva’s Herbuchaevastap

“We invite you to take a sip and experience inner goodness.”

So entreats Eva Sippl, who has brewed Eva’s Herbucha – herbal raw kombucha “with a twist” – in Portland for over six years. During this time, she has dreamed up seven flavors, and her brews can be obtained either bottled or on tap at 44 different locations in the Portland area, including two out of state. At eight of these locations, the gatekeepers to “inner goodness” are fabulous tap handles hand-crafted by local artist Gustav Sculptor, who originally welded machinery on a 230-acre farm.

Eva is a licensed Heilpraktiker (healing practitioner) from Munich, Germany, who is absorbed by what goes into food, and how it’s sourced: “I cannot buy anything and not look at the ingredients, and I’ve done that all my life. It’s something that’s just second nature to me; it’s an automatic move.” When crafting her “herbucha”, which “draws from the natural healing properties found in green teas and hand-selected herbs”, her priority is local first: one of her suppliers, Pacific Botanicals, actually grows some of their herbs on their own farm. Her website states that her company only uses recycled paper for their office and advertising materials, that 98% of their packaging materials are produced in Portland, and that their bottles are made of recycled glass. The company’s philosophy is to “treat Mother Earth gently and with respect.”

Eva’s activism encompasses and extends beyond her business: she notes, happily, that this year she was able to become a significant sponsor of the GMO labeling campaign.

Eva began her business with the strong belief that “one votes with one’s money”, and the strong desires both to nurture that practice in others by providing an excellent product commensurate with her ideals, and to exemplify her belief by supporting companies she believes in by her own purchases. In her own words, “my passion is to be part of creating a society and an economy that … is better than what is happening right now.”

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