Montavilla is Ready for a Food Co-op!

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016

Montavilla is Ready for a Food Co-op!

Montavilla Food Co-op recently completed a market feasibility study. We are very pleased to report that Dakota Worldwide’s study confirmed that “the Montavilla trade area is a good area in which to locate a natural foods cooperative.” This allows us to move ahead in confirming financial feasibility through the development of pro-forma financial statements, which we will be working on this summer through a contract with national expert Bill Gessner at Cooperative Development Services (CDS).

The purpose of the study was to assess the sales potential for a natural foods retail grocery store in Montavilla and to determine whether the greater Montavilla area can successfully support a natural foods co-op. The market study is one of several important steps in determining the overall feasibility building a cooperatively owned grocery store. Other key components include financial feasibility, community support and organizational capacity. Check out MFC’s development timeline for more information on our next steps.

The market study helps the MFC board consider important factors, such as: ideal location within the defined trade area, optimal retail square footage, product mix, and existing competition. The study was completed by Marcia Pfeifer at Dakota Worldwide, a nationally recognized expert in site location and sales forecasting for natural-food retail grocery stores.

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  1. The latest news from MFC is so exciting I had to write a ditty

    When it rains,
    it pours
    from seeds,
    hard work,
    hoe downs
    and more
    with a collective strategy
    my neighbors and I are building a store.

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