Moving forward with YOU!

Posted by on May 29, 2013

Moving forward with YOU!

Hello supporters, curious onlookers, neighbors & friends –

The Montavilla Food Co-op is a dynamic organization, continually evolving and changing as we guide its growth through the various stages of development. Each stage requires different skills. But throughout the process of its’ development, volunteer time commitments begin, change and/or end.

And so, we must continually invite new volunteers into our group who are committed to the idea of working together to take responsibility of our own food distribution.

Recently, 5 volunteers stepped forward who are interested in grant writing. These people will be part of our new grant writing team which will be meeting for the first time June 4th. This team will be seeking out foundations, funding sources and banks who are interested in helping communities build resources like our co-op.

We are moving ahead with plans to open in October of 2014 but to do so requires more volunteers committed to the idea of bringing a cooperatively run, community owned grocery market to Montavilla. If you long for a co-op in our neighborhood, then join in on the fun of building it. Start by becoming a member and sharing some of your skills, time, enthusiasm, money, services and good will. After all, the goal is that the entire community will benefit from this business for many years to come. But it must be built well and come from the people that live here.

Come join our team! The least you will come away with is some new experience… but we’re sure it will be much more fulfilling.

If you have skills in the following areas please get in touch – email – {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.

Public speaking
Project Management
Grant Writing
Board of Directors development
Info Tabling
Poster & Brochure Distribution

2-10 hours per month

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