New Food Co-ops Keep Opening!

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015

New Food Co-ops Keep Opening!

<<<<< Republished with permission from Cooperative Grocers Network >>>>>

Continuing a wave of cooperation, 11 new food co-ops have opened since the previous mid-year summary listing. Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) oversees and assists this nationwide movement, and in recent years a similar number of new co-op stores have been announced. This year’s crop ranges from all along the Eastern Seaboard to the Northwest U.S.

FCI Executive Director Stuart Reid announced and welcomed the cooperatives listed below: new members of the food cooperative sector and the greater cooperative community. At the June 11-13 CCMA conference in Boise, Idaho, Reid presented a video giving a striking tribute to these successful startups. Reid also provided additional information highlighting the story of each of these 11 co-ops in a report that appears in the July-August issue of Cooperative Grocer.

New co-ops opened since CCMA 2014: congratulations!

Our Table Co-op (Sherwood, Ore.)

Valley Co-op (Hagerstown, Md.)

Marsh River Co-op (Brooks, Me.)

Arroya Food Co-op (Altadena, Cal.)

Grain Mill Grocery Co-op (Wake Forest, N.C.)

Portland Food Co-op (Portland Me.)

Lefferts Community Food Co-op (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Windsor Terrace Co-op (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Orcas Food Co-op (Eastsound, Wash.)

Durham Co-op Market (Durham, N.C.)

Gardiner Food Co-op (Gardiner, N.Y.)

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