Elections 2017

voteIt’s election time for MFC! Participate in the democratic control of co-op member-ownership by submitting your vote by our Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 7th, 2017.

How can I cast my ballot?

This year, there are options! You may cast your vote

  • Electronically: All member-owners will receive the election survey via email one month prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • Through the mail: Member-owners for whom we do not have an email address, we will mail your ballot. If you wish to receive a mail-in ballot, contact president@montavilla.coop.
  • At the Annual Meeting: Paper ballots will be available at the Annual Meeting for those who wish to submit a ballot in person.

What are we voting for?

Each year, member-owners are asked to vote to elect new Directors to the Board. Directors may be appointed on an interim basis by the Board, but only member-owners can elect a Director to a full three-year term.

If there are proposed changes to the bylaws, member-owners will also vote on those changes.

Who gets to vote?

All current member-owners, whether paid in full or on a payment plan, get one vote.

When will the results be announced?

Ballots will be counted and the results will be announced within one month after the Annual Meeting.

Who are the Board of Directors and what do they do?

The Board helps in many aspects of MFC’s administration, maintains financial accountability, and supports all efforts to increase our member-ownership base. Find out more by checking out the current board and viewing the meeting minutes.