IT Committee Meeting Notes

Montavilla IT Committee Meeting      2/27/15

1. CheckIn- (5 min)
2. Agenda Approval- (5 min) – Approved
3. Meeting Frequency- (10 min) – We will meet quarterly or as needed based on current happenings
4. Discuss Tina’s Proposed Plan- (in a perfect world) (15 min)
  1. Payment data clean-up- This is complete

  2. Board works with business committee to get this done – This is complete

  3. Import payment information into database- This is complete

  4. Define, document, and implement a procedure for billing members who are on payment plans- Could move to the business committee. A sign up form could be created for members who want recurring billing. There are options for amounts and frequency. The system can be set up to recognize when the full $150 is met. We should contact business committee as a next step. BC currently has access to reports. WE need to ask them if they will approve this recurring billing system.
  5. Work with Board-appointed team to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the IT Committee- We can define our roles/responsibilities and submit them for approval to both other committees and the BoD. Keep this as a recurring agenda item to add to. We currently have a folder on google drive for this issue. Disregard the marketing/outreach material in the folder. Look at Regular On-Going Tasks folder.
  6. Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to find people who are knowledgeable in the areas determined by the above- The BoD is handling this
  7. Work with the Board to assign one person per committee to liaise with IT on tasks that straddle their committee and IT- The Chair (Me) will perform this role.
  8. Task those people (from steps 5 and 6) with helping me define and refine the task lists I’ve started- This has been covered
  9. Develop and document procedures for completing these tasks (on an on-going basis) in the most efficient and effective way/s we can think of- This is in the process of happening
  10. Delegate the tasks to volunteers- This can happen as needed
5. Member DB update(15 min)- People can sign up on the website and be added to DB automatically. Physical applications will still need to be entered. This should be delegated to membership. We may need to create some clarity around this with membership. They have the ability to add to the DB. The registration entry form for physical applications can be simplified.
6. Budget$120 (10 min)- This covers the domain name. Is hosting part of this? If not, we should ask for more $$. What is the renewal (domain and hosting) date for the site? Business Committee has access to this info. Miguel will contact them about this. management- best practice to use for posting meeting docs.- Outreach and BoD has access to the website to post. There are instructions for adding content to the site for this. More portals could be created for other committees to add content.
bike rack-
Review Charter-Discussion and Understanding/R & R
website management- best practice to use for posting meeting docs.
How to enable all committee chairs to share info betwixt committee minutes/decisions.
asana may be a project management system to look at. groups and tasks are easy to set up. There may some tools that we can use with word press to help with project management. We could create a sub-domain for the PMS on the current site.
– Miguel will contact business committee about hosting, domain and budget
– Miguel will contact BoD check in about all committees posting agendas and minutes on the site.
– Miguel will contact business committee about billing process approval
– Miguel will inform BoD that we are looking at using the current site as PMS. We may need to create a sub-domain for this. A separate install for the PMS (under sub-domain) will make it faster.
– Tina will edit roles document
– Tina will shorten registration form on the back-end
– Tina will further investigate the recurring billing options to prepare for BC communication