The Montavilla Food Co-op is a Proud Sponsor of Our Local Bicycle Racing Team

Posted by on Apr 12, 2013

The Montavilla Food Co-op is a Proud Sponsor of Our Local Bicycle Racing Team

Montavilla’s own Oregon Bike Shop is pedaling full speed ahead into 2013’s racing season. Formed in 2010, the team consists of a diverse group of women and men, competing in a multitude of events in the Portland-Metro area and around the state.

Sue Hanna and Jim Jonke opened the Oregon Bike Shop, located at 418 SE 81st Ave. You can check out their website at or call them at 503-575-1804. Sue thought the Montavilla neighborhood was in need of a bike shop when she came back to Oregon after spending some time in New York. The shop opened in 2009 and has been serving our community ever since. Sue and Jim’s passion for bicycling is contagious. And their knowledge of all things “bike” helps make our community a healthier and happier one.

It is for this reason that Co-op board member Mark Holden proposed sponsoring the racing team to our Outreach Committee. An avid biker and Oregon Bike Shop Racing Team member, Mark saw his proposal go through committee and be approved for the 2013 season.

The Team has already competed in multiple events this year with many more to come. Road racing, mountain biking and Cyclocross are competed in from March through November.

Growing in popularity, Cyclocross has racers on and off their bikes as they traverse a course that includes pavement, gravel , dirt, sand and human-made obstacles. This style of racing is very fan friendly and the Portland-Metro area has plenty of opportunities to see these thrilling races up close and personal. Check out for more information about when and where these competitions are taking place.

Let’s get out there and cheer on our team!

Matt Darcy
Co-op Member Owner & Volunteer

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