Visit Montavilla’s amazing local farmers market this winter

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014

Visit Montavilla’s amazing local farmers market this winter

Stock Up on Produce and Build Community at the Montavilla Farmers Market

Mark your calendars for December 21st, January 11th, and February 8th (11am-1pm) for the two hour Montavilla Winter Stock-up Markets on the same site as the regular weekly farmers market.

“Come and fill-up your pantry with all of the stuff you need for the month, and still shop local, shop fresh,” declares Amanda Cross, Market Manager.

2015 will mark the 9th season of the Montavilla Farmers Market. In that time it has established a reputation among local vendors as one of the friendliest farmers markets in the Portland area.

“Coming to the market is not just about doing errands,” adds Amanda Cross, “it’s about…being with people from the neighborhood, and talking with people who make and grow your food. It ties all of us together. It’s more than just getting anonymous food at the grocery store.”

Evan Schneider, Market Board Secretary, also a Co-op member-owner, describes the market as an opportunity to build relationships with “…the people…actually toiling and growing the food you’re about to eat.”

our market makers

Montavilla Farmers Market managers & Montavilla Food Co-op Member-owners: Amanda Cross – Evan Schneider – Jodi Cullen – Haley Smith

Add to that the fact that the produce is within financial reach of all income levels. Through a generous grant from New Seasons Market, the Montavilla Farmers Market offers a $10 match program for those who rely on food stamps. Financial Operations Coordinator, Jodi Cullen reports that many neighbors take advantage of this great program which both increases healthy food access to people who are often unable to afford healthy food, and supports local farmers.

Of course, the market would not even exist “without some amazing volunteers every single week through the whole season,” adds Haley Smith, Market Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator. Not surprisingly, the market has become a focal point in the localization movement about which so many Montavilla neighbors care passionately. Last year, for instance, a local couple who had met on Mt Tabor, planned their wedding around supporting local businesses. The day after their nuptials, the wedding party actually came to the Montavilla Farmers Market where they all shopped, and then sat down in their own tent at the market to enjoy a fresh breakfast!

Whether it’s about meeting new neighbors, learning about food, chatting with farmers, buying affordable locally grown produce, or sampling a new delight, the Montavilla Farmers Market has something for everyone. It’s a true neighborhood gem.

See you at the Winter Stock-ups!


  1. Hi there! My wife and I have donated to become members of the Montavilla Coop (Jessica Olson and Angie Varnado). We were curious where the Co-op is in growth? Will there ever be a store in Montavilla area for the Co-op?

    • Starting a co-op is a long process and we’ve been making great progress along the development path. A new board of directors was seated in April of last year and has been meeting monthly to lay the groundwork for opening a store. We have written board rules to ensure we follow clear procedures and that the co-op is operated democratically. We are now embarking on a strategic plan that will document (in a structured way) and prioritize all of the resources we have, the resources we need, and the activities MFC will be pursuing that will lead to opening a grocery store.

      MFC has also chartered 3 committees–business, IT, and outreach–that meet monthly and are setting up structures, activities, and systems in their respective areas.

      Have you been receiving MFC’s monthly electronic newsletter? If not please let me know and I can get you on the distribution list. The newsletter provides updates about MFC’s status and lets members know about upcoming events. For example, MFC had several “first Friday” gatherings at Beer Bunker as well as a harvest party last fall, and a craft fair and a pottery painting event in December. Look for more to come in 2015.

      You are also welcome to attend the monthly board meetings…and there are lots of opportunities to volunteer–please let me know if you are interested in helping MFC and we can figure out where your skills and interests can best be put to use!

      — Board of Directors

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