Cultural Diversity Outreach Volunteer

In an earnest effort to expand our outreach efforts to all members in our community, the Co-op is seeking individuals who are passionate about good food, social equity, food security and community involvement who want to help us promote the Co-op’s mission and values. The neighborhoods the Co-op hopes to serve are rich in cultural diversity, abilities, perspectives and talent. We are wide ranging in ethnicity, socio-economics, religion, age, sexual orientation and identity, and politics. The Co-op is welcoming to all!

The Montavilla Food Co-op is seeking engaging culturally astute individuals who can:

  • Communicate in two or more languages (written or verbal)
  • Cultivate and maintain strong, meaningful ties within our community
  • Serve as liaison to community groups
  • Attend meetings of cultural organizations, and invite members to become involved in the Co-op
  • Provide accurate linguistic translation (spoken, written and signed) on behalf of the Co-op for:
    • Various community outreach events
    • Phone and email campaigns
    • Printed promotional material
  • Help develop the Co-op’s Policy Governance with our neighborhoods cultural diversity in the forefront
  • Promote the Co-op’s mission and vision supporting the 7 Cooperative Principles and Values
  • Work with the Co-op’s other committees (Steering, Business and IT) to ensure that our member-owner equity drive and member loan campaign is accessible to all
  • Assist and participate in the development of the Co-op’s marketing plan

This is a great opportunity to engage in a vibrant community project. This is a volunteer position – a minimum of 4 hours per week will help us be most successful. Please note that while it is not necessary for you to personally perform all of the functions above, you will be tasked with ensuring they are completed in a timely manner.