Get Involved

The MFC is a volunteer-run initiative to open a member-owned cooperative grocery. Neighbors from the immediate community have come together, to pool their resources, contribute time and energy and make this co-op a reality. Together, we can all help put the doors on the store!

Anyone who is interested in our start-up is welcome to volunteer. Currently we’re looking for people to join our working committees – Get in touch today!

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  • Volunteer on one of our committees to help get the work done! Outreach and the Business Committees in need of dedicated volunteers now.
  • Organize or host a brown bag lunch at your workplace or a potluck at your house. We bring the information and facilitate a conversation about the food needs in our community; it’s a great way to get people interested in and committed to the idea of supporting, patronizing, and owning a food co-op.
  • Print out a “We Support The Montavilla Food Co-op” poster and put it in your front window or at the office
  • Contribute to our Working Capital Fund to further the development of the Co-op
  • Become a Business Partner by offering a membership incentive to the community

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.

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