We want YOU to host a potluck!

Posted by on Mar 7, 2013

We want YOU to host a potluck!

Member-owners are the backbone of a successful co-op. The more members the greater the patronage the co-op will experience and the better capitalized the co-op becomes.¬†Our membership is over 200 now but our aim is to have between 800 – 1000 members before opening the store. This is where you come in. The Co-op is looking for current & new members to help nurture the development of a full service grocery cooperative for the membership and the community. Let’s grow our membership and build community amongst neighbors! A great way to participate is to host a neighborhood potluck or house party. Invite your friends and immediate neighbors and we will come tell them about co-op.

We’ve been checking in with other start-up co-ops around the country that are busy with their membership equity drives. Many have said the member house parties were a boost for their membership. We’ve adopted this campaign as well. They’re great tools for momentum building and we’re hoping to coordinate more potlucks and house parties. We’re looking for members to host 8 parties between this month and next. Will yours be next?

It’s easy to host a co-op potluck or house party & help grow the co-op. All you have to do is provide the space and invite your neighbors, and we’ll do the rest! A member of our Core or Outreach team will come to your house and give a short talk about: what is a co-op, brief history of co-ops, brief history of the Montavilla co-op, and why co-ops are good for the community. This will last no more than 15 minutes followed by questions & answers.

Please email us at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} and give us the following information: Your address, dates you are considering, ideas, and questions/concerns.

If you can’t host a house party, but wish to get involved on other levels, we are also looking for volunteers for the following:

Board appointments: You’ve taken the step of becoming a member, now take one more step for the co-op and serve on the board.

Committee members: You can join our Business, Outreach, & IT committees. We are seeking new energy and ideas for our committees. Serving on a committee is a valuable way to gain experience in starting a business, working with a variety of people and getting creative about promoting our co-op. We have specific roles and teams that volunteers can join. Email {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} for more information.

Remember, please tell your friends and neighbors about the co-op, why you joined and why you think a food co-op in the neighborhood would do well.

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