Who’s your Farmer?

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014

Who’s your Farmer?

Right in your neighborhood you can connect with your very own farmer, know how your food is grown, and eat the freshest, healthiest food around through community supported agriculture (CSA).

A CSA is a relationship between you and a farmer. Kind of like joining a gym, you pay a fee to a farm for a season, and, instead of weight machines and spinning classes, your primary benefit is a variety of fresh, local food- whatever is ready to harvest every week for the growing season. Other benefits include knowing what goes into growing your food and supporting sustainable agriculture and a strong local food system.

So how does a CSA work in practice? First, decide if being a CSA member is right for you. Do you likecooking? Vegetables? Trying new foods? If the answer is yes, a CSA share might be a good fit for you.

The next step is finding your farm. Montavilla has several CSA options, and each is a little different. Share sizes vary, and some are designed for vegetable-loving families of four and some are more sized for two people or individuals. Some farms are certified organic and some follow sustainable practices but are not certified. Share prices vary by share size and the number of weeks in the farm’s season (often late May or June through October), and most farms have systems for paying in installments rather than one lump sum.

If you’re new to CSA, we want you to fall in love with the delicious and amazing variety of vegetables our area farms provide. Please check out portlandcsa.org for things to consider before becoming a CSA member or selecting a farm. Eating in season from a CSA is a new experience for many people, and we encourage potential members to gather as much information about CSA and area farms as possible.

The following farms deliver their vegetable CSA shares to their booths at the Montavilla Farmers’ Market:

Cerigioli Gardens

Little Gnome Farm

Amaro’s Produce – 503-935-2740

Winter Green Farm is establishing a drop site in your neighborhood. For more information, contact the farm

Two meat CSAs deliver to Montavilla:

Moomaw Family Farm delivers monthly meat CSA shares to members’ homes.

Deck Family Farm  will deliver meat CSA shares to the Montavilla Farmers Market or ship them to customers’ homes.

Fiddlehead Farm is not a CSA but customers can purchase “Market Shares”at the beginning of the season and use them to buy vegetables at their Montavilla Farmers Market booth. That’s another great way of supporting local agriculture.

* Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of any particular farm or CSA farm. Potential CSA members should choose their CSA farmer carefully to determine that he/she has the appropriate experience to deliver a diverse array of quality produce throughout the growing season.

Caylor Roling is the Project Coordinator for the Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition (PACSAC). You can reach her at caylor@portlandcsa.org or 503-753-5006.

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