"Our Mission: To connect the east Portland community to healthy food, support local farmers and producers, build community wealth and advance sustainability initiatives all within a centrally located, cooperative grocery."


Join Our Co-op!

Montavilla Food Co-op is member-owned but it will be open to everyone to shop. Member-owners will benefit from the co-op in a variety of ways both financially and through control of the direction of the store. Become a member-owner today and help directly achieve our ultimate goal of opening the storefront. Your equity investment helps fund the initiatives & projects to get to opening day. By becoming a member-owner, you will be making a difference in our neighborhood that will last for years to come.

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Get Involved

The MFC is a volunteer-run initiative to open a member-owned cooperative grocery. Neighbors from the immediate community have come together, to pool their resources, contribute time and energy and make this co-op a reality. Together, we can all help put the doors on the store!

Anyone who is interested in our start-up is welcome to volunteer. Currently we’re looking for people to join our working committees – Get in touch today!

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Cooperatives can be used to accomplish almost any purpose: to fulfill a need, obtain a product or service, produce a product or service, or secure employment.  Most co-ops are focused on one of these activities, but many of them address a combination of these activities.

Around the world, co-ops operate in all sectors of the economy, from agricultural and fishery co-ops to food co-ops, industrial manufacturing to financial services, health care to the arts.

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