"Our Mission: To connect the east Portland community to healthy food, support local farmers and producers, build community wealth and advance sustainability initiatives all within a centrally located, cooperative grocery."


Join Our Co-op!

Becoming a member-owner now will directly help us achieve our ultimate goal of opening a cooperative storefront. Your equity investment will help fund the initiatives & projects needed to get to opening day. By becoming a member today, you will be making a difference in our neighborhood that will last for years to come.

Get Involved

This is a volunteer-run project. People who have become member-owners and other volunteers from the community are making this project happen. You can too! Get in touch today to contribute your time and skills.


Cooperatives can be used to accomplish almost any purpose: to fulfill a need, obtain a product or service, produce a product or service, or secure employment.  Most co-ops are focused on one of these activities, but many of them address a combination of these activities.